Welcome to Newington Forest

Latest Community News:

Concrete Repairs: September 7-9: The Association will be conducting concrete repairs on townhouse courts along Newington Forest Ave (and at other designated areas in the community). Please notice if there is an X on the sidewalk in the area of your parking spaces and do not park in that area during scheduled repairs. Vehicles parked during scheduled repairs will be towed at the owner’s expense. See the published NOTICE for additional information.

Community Center Party Room: The party room is available for rent beginning June 1st and availability may be found on the Association website (along the right side of this page). The application for community center party room use is also online in a fillable form that can be submitted from the website to the Association office.  On the Association’s website, under Amenities, choose Community Center Party Room

Trash is Collected on Mondays & Thursdays. Please wait until after dark, the day before pickup to set trash out for collection (this helps to keep the community looking nice and creates less litter by animals and weather). Recycle is Collected on Mondays Only & Bulk Item Pick Up on Thursdays may be Scheduled by Calling Trash Away (703)339-4560

Quarterly HOA Assessment: Owners of all single-family residences and townhouses are members of the Newington Forest Community Association, Inc. and, therefore, will pay quarterly dues on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year. The 2022 Quarterly Assessment rate for townhomes is $248.95 and for single-family homes is $154.55.