Ball Field: A large ball field is available during the spring and fall seasons to reserve during weekdays to residents of Newington Forest. Field use on the weekends is on a first-come, first-serve basis for residents of Newington Forest. Use by non-residents is prohibited.

Basketball Court: There are 3 basketball courts located throughout the community: Grandview Ct, Newington Forest Ave. before Summer Breeze Ln., and Newington Forest Ave. across from Cold Plain Ln.

Community Center: Have you ever thought about having a party or a meeting, but decided against it because you didn’t have enough space? Next time consider renting out the party room at the Association Community Center! The amenity is available to residents of Newington Forest who are in good standing.

Pool:  Residents and their invited guests have access to the community pool. Complete with a spacious pool deck including areas with shade and sun, a wading pool for toddlers, depths in the main pool ranging from 3-10 feet, one diving board, a slide exiting into the deep end, a basketball hoop and two charcoal grills. EACH RESIDENT MUST HAVE A VALID POOL PASS.

Tennis and Multi-use Courts: There are 6 tennis courts located in the community. Court keys may be purchased at the association office. A multi-use court is also available next to the tennis court at the community center.

Trails: Newington Forest has many entrance points throughout the community to connect you to the South Run Stream Valley Trail. Walk, run, hike or bike from your home to various points in Fairfax County, including Lake Mercer, South Run Recreational Park and Burke Lake Park.