Property Maintenance

Newington Forest is a planned community of 1808 homes, all of which are part of the homeowners association. The appearance of each property within Newington Forest plays a part in the overall look and value of homes individually and the community as a whole.

Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste should be set out after dark on Sunday for pick up on Monday. Only Trash should be set out after dar on Wednesday for pick up on Thursday. It takes the cooperation of all residents to set out trash items securely and only at designated times for the community to be maintained.  

Property ownership in Newington Forest includes the responsibility of each homeowner to maintain all structures and grounds on your individual lot. This includes maintaining exterior structures to check that wood is in good condition and free from rot /deterioration, siding or other structures exposed to the elements are free of algae, mold, or mildew, driveways are functional as that pertains to asphalt or concrete maintenance, front stoops are backfilled so they are properly supported and no concrete edges are visible, painted structures are not peeling or chipping, windows and doors are sealed and functioning properly, gutters are clear and working properly, roof shingles are secure, the landscape has adequate ground-cover to avoid erosion, trees are trimmed to avoid encroachment, the grass is cut regularly and no taller than 6inches, trash/recycling containers and other miscellaneous items are stored out of public view.

In an effort to maintain property values in the community, the Association conducts annual property maintenance inspections and will contact homeowners in the event maintenance issues are noted. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to communicate a plan of action to the Association when or how the property maintenance issue will be resolved. If the Association receives no communication from the property owner, additional notices and possibly the loss of community privileges may result.

Questions regarding Inspections or property maintenance may be emailed to