Policies and Procedures

Book of Resolutions (Individual List of Resolutions)

Policy ResolutionsAdministrative Resolutions
Policy Resolution 1: Trees on Lots and the Common AreasAdministrative Resolution 1: Architectural Review Procedures and Guidelines Related to Applications and the Committee
Policy Resolution 2: Vehicle Parking on Association PropertyAdministrative Resolution 2: Disclosure of Interest Relating to Conflict of Interest for Board Members
Policy Resolution 3: Rules regarding PetsAdministrative Resolution 3: Eliminated
Policy Resolution 4: Rules for Using the Tennis and Other CourtsAdministrative Resolution 4: Architectural Review Committee Charter and Review Procedures
Policy Resolution 5: Rules for Use of the Common AreaAdministrative Resolution 5: Designating Bank Account and Signatures
Policy Resolution 6: Pool RulesAdministrative Resolution 6: Commencement of Annual Assessments
Policy Resolution 7: Rules for Use of the Community Center Party RoomAdministrative resolution 7: Election Committee Terms of Reference
Policy Resolution 8: Voting and Election ProceduresAdministrative Resolution 8: Facilities, Finance, Pool, and Recreation Committees Terms of Reference
Policy Resolution 9: External AffairsAdministrative resolution 9: Eliminated
Policy Resolution 10: Operating and Reserve Investment ProceduresAdministrative Resolution 10: Guidelines for Counsel’s Management of Delinquent Assessments
Policy Resolution 11: Rules for Imposing Sanctions for ViolationsAdministrative Resolution 11: Amplification and Clarification of Article VI, Section 6.01 and 6.02, of the Declaration
Policy Resolution 12: Policy for Collection of AssessmentsAdministrative Resolution 12: Determination of Number of Board Members
Policy Resolution 13: Policy Related to the Inspection of Association RecordsAdministrative Resolution 13: Amendment to Article 4.04, A and B, of the Declaration
Policy Resolution 14: Procedure for Submitting ComplaintsAdministrative Resolution 14: Vacation, Holiday, Sick Leave, and Pool use for Staff
Administrative Resolution 15: Establishment of the Adopt an Area Program
Administrative Resolution 16: Procedure for the Construction of Additional Parking Spaces, Speed Bumps, or other Improvements on Townhouse Courts
Administrative Resolution 17: Code of Conduct for Staff, Committee Members, and Members of the Board
Administrative Resolution 18: Guidelines for the Review of Policy and Administrative Resolutions
Administrative Resolution 19: Association’s Internet Website
Administrative Resolution 20: for Revenue Ruling 70-604 Excess Income Applied to the Following Year’s Assessment
Administrative Resolution 21: Supplement to Article IV, Section 4.08, of the Declaration, Pertaining to Non-Judicial Foreclosures
Administrative Resolution 22: Record Retention Policy
The Board of Directors Review Policy Resolutions on Odd Years and Administrative Resolutions on Even Years