Winter Weather Information

To report a downed tree, please email as we are working to prioritize common areas impacted in the community.

Plowing snow begins when snow reaches a depth of 2″ (this applies to streets serviced by VODT and townhouse courts serviced by the Contractor). Please SHOVEL SNOW FROM PARKING AREAS ONTO GRASSY AREAS, DO NOT SHOVEL SNOW INTO THE STREET as this creates a worse condition for clearing and driving on roadways.

Snowflakes are unique and so are the winter weather occurrences they accompany. From a dusting to a foot of snow and icing in between, preparing in advance will go a long way to help you ‘weather the storm’. Below you’ll find suggestions to help you prepare before, during, and after a weather-related event in the community.

BEFORE SNOW – Online and IN your INBOX

The Association website and email blasts are the two primary means of communicating alerts to residents in the community. Timely snow plow updates, trash collection changes and other useful community news are included in these email and website updates. Please make sure you and your neighbors have registered an email address at to receive up-to-date and timely community news. Please be aware that Facebook is considered a secondary communication tool used by the Association and should not be anyone’s primary resource for sending or receiving information about what is happening in the community (posting pictures of pretty snow – YES, reporting blocked streets or downed trees – NO).

DURING SNOW: It Takes a Village – to Clear and Report Community Issues!

VDOT plows public roads and the Association plows townhouse courts. Plowing begins once snow on townhouse courts reaches a depth of 2 inches and will continue in a manner to keep a travel lane open. Sidewalks and walkways are the responsibility of individual residents – please do your part and help assist your neighbors in need. Who has the best view of snow accumulating and streets being plowed – YOU! The Association relies on residents throughout the community to help report on snow happenings. Please call or email ( the Association office to report community issues.

Visit VDOT: and for information and updates during a weather event.

AFTER SNOW: Keep snow out of the street!

It’s tempting to shovel snow out of your parking space or driveway and then toss it into the street, but DON’T DO IT!!  Plows move snow from travel lanes as it accumulates during a storm. Snow shoveled into the street after the plows have come through the neighborhood creates mounds of snow causing a dangerous situation for drivers. Please, shovel snow from parking spaces, driveways and sidewalks ONTO YOUR OWN YARD! Keeping snow out of the streets and shoveling sidewalks are two very helpful ways to work with snow contractors to get the community cleaned up in a timely manner after a snow event.


** Do shovel your sidewalks to allow for safe pedestrian traffic.

** Do lend a hand to your neighbors who may not be able to shovel out their own cars and sidewalks.

** Do clear a path for the mailman as chances are better that he can get your mail to you more quickly.

** Kitty litter works well in areas that need more traction.  Rock salt will damage your concrete and the surrounding shrubs and grass.

** Never shovel snow from your sidewalk or parking space/driveway into the middle of the court/street.  This action can create walls of snow that can be difficult or impossible for snowplows to move.

** Be considerate of your neighbors and do not park in a space that you did not clear.  No one likes to come home to find a space they spent time clearing filled by a neighbor’s car.