Employment Opportunities

Current Open Positions Include: Part-time Administrative Assistant & Part-time Handyman. Please see the job descriptions below. Interested parties should complete an EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION and email Dana@NewingtonForest.org


Hours:                   This is a part-time 20 hour/week position.

Duties:                  The Part-time Office Administrative Assistant works 5 days per week, 4 hours per day, when the office is open to residents (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.).  Office-related tasks are supportive of each aspect of running the Community Association office, including resident inquiries, financials, inspections, and customer service.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Answer the office phone, filing, process mail (receive and distribute).
  • Daily Accounts Receivables Ledger (post payments received at the office) .
    • Weekly Payment run to FedEx& Bank.
    • Weekly Property Settlement.
  • Weekly Resale Disclosure Packet and Dues Request Preparation.
    • Scanning and organize online property files (as necessary).
  • Weekly New Resident Welcome Letters once new account information is processed.
  • Quarterly office supply order (Staples/Pitney Bowes/Sundra Paper/UBT).
  • Quarterly Demand Notice and Annual Inspection prep.
  • Seasonal Pool Registration assistance
    • registering residents to use the pool, processing data entry for contact information database.
  • Report Streetlight Outages in the Community.
  • Community Center Rentals
    • maintain calendar and assist residents with renting the community center building
  • Website updates as assigned (including social media, if applicable).
  • Other community association-related tasks as assigned.

Position:  Part-Time Handyman/Maintenance Person

Hourly Rate and Hours: Hourly rate is $15.50/hour and the work schedule is Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. with the possibility of some weekend hours.   Up to 25 hours constitute a typical work week.  Employee is paid for the hours worked.   The hours worked per week may vary depending upon the jobs available and weather conditions.  The employee may work over 25 hours per week to make up for lost time (e.g., when cold weather or extended periods of rain limit outdoor activity) with the approval of the Community Manager. Access to a pickup or other work truck to complete job functions in the community would be helpful.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Minor and moderate activity associated with the repair, maintenance, and/or construction of community facilities and structures.  Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of community properties and grounds at the direction of the Community Manager.

Newington Forest occupies 735 acres, much of which is owned and maintained by the association. Community facilities include a pool and bath house, community center, basketball courts, tennis courts, ball field, shrub and flower beds, retaining walls, rip rap covered drainages, wooden bridges, entrance and subsection signs, asphalt trails, streets, sidewalks, and stairs.

Specific duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

Minor and moderate repairs to facilities (basketball nets, trash cans, picnic tables and grills and swing sets) and properties (community center, grounds, tot lots, retaining walls, erosion control structures and drainages, etc.).

Minor and moderate landscaping and grounds maintenance around the community center and community entrances, the common ground surrounding the lots, and along Association owned trails and paths – particularly in locations or during time periods when contracted grounds maintenance is not available or, as needed, when such items are not part of a contract.

Landscaping and grounds maintenance around the community includes, but is not limited to the installation of retaining walls, reinforcing drainages and culvert outflow areas with rip rap, and other landscape duties that help control erosion in the community. Activities will also consist of emptying trash containers, picking up trash around the community, clearing trails, sidewalk, and street culverts of debris, cutting back over grown vegetation, and installing street signs and fence posts.

Removal and disposal of limbs and dead, leaning or fallen trees:  The size of the trees that are removed by the employee will depend on their location and the circumstances of each situation.  Safety of the employee and surrounding property (homes, cars, etc.) will be considered prior to cutting down a tree.  Major trees or trees in locations that can damage property will be taken down using a contractor.

Maintaining tot lots and ensuring that these areas are clean and safe for children.

Set up the tables and chairs for the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.

The employee should also be able to complete minor electrical, plumbing, drywall, and roof maintenance activities, such as replacing outlets, (daylight) sensors, toilet and faucet gaskets, repairing holes in drywall and painting, and cleaning or reattaching roof gutters.  The employee may also be required to repair or construct shelving or other small structures at the Community Center.

Reporting to the Community Manager all items that appear to need attention by the association even though these problems are to extensive or have not been listed as work items for this position.  The maintenance person is expected to observe and report on all problems that are observed as he/she walk or drive through the community.

In addition, the maintenance person will complete other miscellaneous maintenance duties as directed by the Community Manager.

Other than basic tool use, no specific skills or knowledge are required except the ability to see something that needs to be done and then to do it.  Basic tools include the use of power tools, such as drills, a chain saw, power washer, leaf blower, lawn mower or other tools on an as-needed basis.

Some contact with community residents may be required. All employees must act in a courteous and professional manner as he or she is a representative of the association when performing duties herein.  On some occasions, the employee may also work with community volunteers on projects or during community events, such as grilling hot dogs, on as needed basis.

Physical Fitness:

The employee needs to be reasonably physically fit.  On as needed basis, the employee will be expected to dig ditches, handle bags of stone and concrete mix, or handle 6 by 6, pressure treated timbers at job sites.  The employee must be able to comfortably handle power tools, 20-pound sledge hammers or other tools to complete repairs, construct new structures, or remove structures.  Out-door work sites in the community vary from generally level to badly eroded slopes, and the employee will need to be comfortable working on such sites.

Some work areas in the community are heated or air conditioned.  But most of the work completed by the maintenance employee will occur outdoors on a year round basis.  The employee and Community Manager on an as needed basis will discuss weather conditions and its impact on work activities.  With the Community Manager’s approval work hours may be adjusted to allow projects to be completed during more favorable conditions.



Questions should be directed to Dana@NewingtonForest.org